Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Should I go, or should I stay?

Should I go, or should I stay?
There have been moments when I asked myself if was necessary or even worth it to blog. My health took its toll on me and I started reassessing my life and what’s important. Maintaining a blog requires some effort and time. I also felt that I was putting myself out there and it felt uncomfortable. I received countless e-mails about when will I post something again? i was even asked if I had relaxed my hair lol!
During the time when I was asking myself these questions I realized I am passionate about natural hair. I’m in love with my hair or should I say I’m obsessed with it. I have managed to influence few people to keep their hair natural *Amandla*!My lil sister who had a thick, long relaxed hair(the child didn’t need a weave) is transitioning to natural hair-talk about first born influence. That being said I’m back to share tips and what has worked for me and my family.

Currently I have box braids. I no longer buy hair spray for braids I have created my own. I’m very conscious about what I feed my hair. I swear by castor oil. In the mix I have castor oil, coconut oil, vitafro(it’s glycerine given by Mom,this makes my Nixau hair very soft. and water,by now you know that our hair loves water. With this combination I haven’t experienced itchy scalp and my hair looks happy.

I love the color of the braids. The color was inspired by King Bey on the picture here. In my sister’s voice “you like tingz"

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  1. disqus_0czB2INI7Z10 April 2013 09:56

    Oh Wow! Thank God you are back!
    Those braides look stunning.....and very long! Ulala kanjani?
    My daughter's hair gets dry very quick, must get and try this Vitafro on her....
    Thanx dear, u c y we nid u? No more dissappearing acts please....
    Mrs M



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